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Get more visibility, traffic, and sales growth through regular content creation

freelance bloggerContent is still king in the digital marketing space.

But if you’re like my typical client, you simply don’t have the time or the in-house manpower or expertise to develop and implement a robust and highly-effective content marketing strategy for your business blog.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a seasoned content strategist with a 10-year background in marketing and communications. I also hold additional expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), branding, persuasion psychology, and email marketing.

In other words: I’m the secret weapon businesses turn to when they’re ready to increase their online visibility, reach bigger audiences, and generate more web traffic and leads through regular content creation.


I’ve helped businesses:

  • increase web traffic by 2,000% within months of implementing my content strategy
  • boost website conversions by over 300% with highly-targeted content
  • rank on the 1st page of Google search results for several targeted keywords
  • grow their email list by 120% within a year – with email open rates exceeding industry norms

I’ve developed content for clients ranging from emerging thought leaders and small B2B businesses to multi-million-dollar nonprofits and brands that have appeared on major media outlets such as:


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What my content writing services include

  • Keyword research and topic development – an effective content marketing strategy begins with an in-depth analysis of your market, which is why I conduct extensive keyword research on your behalf and then allow that research to inform my topic development, positioning your content to be competitive in its niche, while also ensuring the content is exactly what your audience both wants and needs
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – drive more traffic to your website with optimized content that boosts your visibility in search engines
  • Internal linking – to keep your audience engaged with your brand, every article I write includes at least 1-3 links to additional content on your website
  • Outbound linking – linking to other relevant content on the internet helps search engines understand your niche and can also boost trust in your website, which is why I include 1-3 of these types of links in all articles


You’ll also get the following at no additional charge:

  • Engaging headline – with over a decade of marketing experience behind me, I know what type of headlines drive audiences to click
  • Call to action – content is only one part of your funnel, but with an appropriate call to action, I help move your audience through your dedicated sales process
  • Proper formatting – I enhance user experience by specially formatting every piece of content for optimal readability, thus reducing your website’s bounce rates
  • Royalty free stock photos – to improve search engine optimization (SEO), each article I write includes 1 royalty free stock photo
  • Comprehensive editing – no need to conduct in-house editing once your content’s developed; I do it for you
  • For WordPress users: content management – I’ll upload your content for you, ensure that you’re using all the best plugins to help with SEO, and take care of all formatting and meta description needs to help your content rank in search engines



My specialties 

I regularly write on the following topics: business, marketing, SEO, content strategy, branding, leadership and management, the workplace, human resources, entrepreneurship, and nonprofits.

I’ve also written for topics such as: health and wellness, personal development, inspiration, and spirituality.

Don’t see your niche listed? Reach out to me anyway.

I enjoy the challenge of a new subject area and pride myself on being an in-depth researcher who can quickly become an expert in just about any topic. Additionally, if I don’t feel I’m the right fit for your project needs, you have my guarantee I’ll let you know up-front. I never accept a project I don’t feel 100% confident I can complete successfully.

Here are just some samples of my published work (both ghostwritten and under my own name):


Ready to collaborate? 

Why businesses and brands all over the world are focusing on building up their blog: 

  • publishing regular, high-quality content gives your business more opportunities to rank in Google’s search engine results, thus driving as much warm traffic as possible to your website. In fact, businesses that blog regularly see up to 126% more lead growth than those that don’t
  • regular blogging allows you to keep yourself in front of your audience, build a relationship with them, and nurture them with ongoing value, thus keeping leads engaged with your business and warm in your pipeline
  • consistent content creation not only establishes your company as a thought leader in its industry, it also rapidly boosts your visibility in often crowded markets. How? There are 5.6 billion searches conducted on Google every day, but you can only appear in Google’s search results if you have relevant content available on your website. Regular blogging gives you a winning advantage over your competitors in this way and makes you the go-to authority for your target audience.


Are you ready to reap the powerful benefits of a dedicated content marketing strategy?

Below, you’ll find my current rates for monthly content creation.

My content writing services include keyword research, topic development, search engine optimization, formatting and editing, content management for WordPress users, and more!

Please note: clients retain all worldwide rights to all created content and may publish content under their own name.


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Let’s take your content to new heights 

If you’re ready for more visibility,  traffic, and sales growth, and you want to harness the power of an effective content marketing strategy, get in touch with me today!